The Legend of Darklore Manor

The Legend of Darklore Manor
and Other Tales of Terror

This anthology contains thirteen tales of terror, covering a vast array of horror themes involving living gargoyles, creepy dolls, dark urban legends, secret societies, and murderous madmen. The main story is a novella based on Nox Arcana’s nightmarish concept album, Darklore Manor.

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Written by Joseph Vargo and Joseph Iorillo
Illustrated by Joseph Vargo
ISBN: 0978885767
Genre: Fiction > Horror > Supernatural
Trade paperback, 216 pages
Publication date: 10/31/2008
Soundtrack by Nox Arcana

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Darklore Manor CD

Darkness has a new home...

Welcome to Darklore Manor, where spirits of the dead do not rest easy, nor do they find release from their eternal suffering...
      When a team of ghost hunters sets out to investigate a legendary haunted house, they encounter several spirits of the restless dead and awaken an ancient evil that hungers for human souls. Years later, they are plagued by nightmares and the survivors return to the house to confront their darkest fears. This eerie and horrific tale is reminiscent of classic ghost stories like The Legend of Hell House and The Haunting.
      These addictive tales of terror and the supernatural, each with a darkly twisted ending, are some of the most satisfying and original horror stories in the past several years. The Legend of Darklore Manor is a wondrously wicked collection of dark gems that is perfect for a midnight read. —Dark Realms Magazine


The Coroner—A mortician makes a horrifying discovery while working the graveyard shift.

Black Heart—A reporter in search of the paranormal investigates a tale of witches and the undead in the Louisiana bayou.

Mr. Stitch—A slumber party prank summons an urban legend with horrifying consequences.

Darkness Immortal—An old journal leads three men to uncover a dark secret that lies buried in a hidden gravesite.

Golem—An archeologist examines a monstrous gargoyle to discover its unholy origins.

Spiders in the Attic—A young girl is haunted by nightmares about an evil force that dwells in the abandoned house next door.

Brotherhood of Shadows—A man working his way through the mysterious ranks of a secret society faces a deadly challenge.

Afraid of the Dark—A mysterious storyteller relates a nightmarish tale of bloodthirsty creatures that lurk in an old well deep in the woods.

Sister Salvation—A young woman is kidnapped and tormented by a sadistic inquisitor who believes he is saving her soul from demonic possession.

The Pumpkin Patch—Terror ensues after three teens set out to steal a pumpkin from an old witch on Halloween night.

The Westgate Phantom—A paranormal investigator checks into an old hotel that is said to be haunted by the murderous spirit of an evil doctor.

The Doll—A young boy is tormented by a sinister clown doll on his toy shelf.

The Legend of Darklore Manor—In this novella based on the debut album by Nox Arcana, a team of paranormal investigators explore an abandoned Victorian mansion with a sinister history and awaken an ancient evil that hungers for human souls.