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Jan 2015 Tattoo Magazine (Budapest, Hungary)
Featuring artwork and an interview with Joseph Vargo.

April 2012
Interview with Joseph Vargo about The Gothic Tarot.

April 2012
Interview with Christine Filipak about Madame Endora's Fortune Cards.

July/August 2011
No rest for the wicked. Joseph takes a few moments to answers some questions about his dark art and music.

January 2011
A popular mystery magazine from Greece rings in the New Year with Joseph Vargo.

October 2010
Interview in Italian
Nox Arcana premieres in Italy.

November 2009
An interview with Joseph Vargo for Nox Arcana in a Serbian magazine.

October 2009
Feature article about Joseph Vargo in China's most popular fantasy art publication.

August 2009 (English text)
Interview in Turkish
A fantasy magazine in Turkey interviews Joseph Vargo about his artwork, writing and music.

July 2009Lili's Lair
interview with about Nox Arcana's Blackthorn Asylum CD, and with about Madame Endora's Fortune Cards.

June 2009Ideology of Madness
Joseph talks about Blackthorn Asylum (spoiler alert).

February 2009
Joseph Vargo talks about The Legend of Darklore Manor and Other Tales of Terror.

January 2009
Interview with Joseph Vargo for Nox Arcana

October 2008
Joseph Vargo talks about Pirates, Plunder and Phantoms of the High Seas.

October 2008
Interview with Joseph Vargo for Nox Arcana.

April 2008
Interview with Joseph Vargo for a Greek publication.

August 2007Halloween Database
Interview with Joseph Vargo for all things spooky.

May 2007Parallel Perspectives
Interview with Joseph Vargo, and editor's review of Carnival of Lost Souls.

February 2007
Features an editorial on Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics.

October 2006
Interview and artwork feature on Joseph Vargo in the premiere issue.

October 2006
Interview with Nox Arcana.

October 2006
Feature on Michelle Belanger and Blood of Angels.

September 2006
Interview with Joseph Vargo about Nox Arcana origins, new projects like "Blood of the Dragon," plus... Vargo lets the cat outta the bag on "Shadow of the Raven."

September 2006Flames Rising
Interview with Joseph Vargo about art, music and upcoming music releases.

May 2006
An interview with Joseph for Nox Arcana's Carnival of Lost Souls and other Monolith goodies.

April 2006
This magazine from Greece features a 5-page interview and feature on Joseph Vargo, his artwork, the music of Nox Arcana, and the gothic realm of Europe. Translated from Greek.

February 2006
Read a featured interview with Joseph Vargo, as he discusses art, music and more.

January 2006
Interview with Joseph and William in Canadian webzine.

November 2005
This heavy metal magazine from Austria interviews Joseph Vargo. Some really good stuff here. Translated from German.

October 2005
Joseph Vargo in a "PDQ" interview for the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

October 2005
The "Real Deal" 20 questions with Nox Arcana.

October 2005
This feature on Joseph Vargo covers his many talents as artist, author and composer.

September 2005
Article about Madame Endora's Fortune Cards.

September 2005
Christine talks about Madame Endora's Fortune Cards and ancient witch legends.

June 2005
Joseph Vargo discusses the Necronomicon in this magazine from the Netherlands.

May 2005
A feature and interview with Joseph and Christine about The Gothic Tarot.

February 2005Music Street Journal
Interview with Joseph Vargo about the Necronomicon cd.

December 2004
Joseph talks about Nox Arcana's Necronomicon cd, and speaks candidly about his experiences with previous band Midnight Syndicate.

July 2004
Interview with Nox Arcana for Darklore Manor in this magazine from Argentina.

January 2004
Interview with Nox Arcana for Darklore Manor.

May 2003
Joseph talks about The Gothic Tarot to this magazine from Germany.

March 2003
Interview with Joseph Vargo about The Gothic Tarot

November 2001
Articles on Joseph Vargo's artwork and The Gothic Tarot.

October 2001
Joseph & Christine talk about gothic art, and music, Halloween, and future projects.

January 2001
Interview with Midnight Syndicate. A good source for a history of Joseph's earlier project and his concept of creating a classical Halloween cd (especially considering how Ed Douglas tries to re-write history)..

October 1997
An article on Joseph Vargo's art gallery, The Realm. This art gallery (now just a fond memory) was the first and only of it's kind in Cleveland that catered specifically to an after-dark crowd.